25 Elena Caragiani Bucharest 1, Romania

Georgeta Constantinescu


Georgeta Constantinescu milestones

• 1955 – Born in Panciu, Romania
• 1970-1975 – High school
• 1975-1980 – Computer University : Politechnical Instituit of Bucharest

Painting experience

• 2005-2007 – first steps like autodidact painter
• 2007 – Painting stage in Pont Aven with cu Anne-Sylvie Pecot , France
• 2008 – Study of painting with George Briata at Moulin de Perrot – France
• 2009 – Study of painting with Michel Taupin – France
• 2010 – Study of painting “au couteaux” technique Cristian Jequel at Moulin de Perrot France
• 2011 – Study of painting with Cristian Jequel – France
• 2012 – Study of painting with Cristian Jequel – France.
• 2012 – As a result of her work she receive diploma of “Officiel painter of Academie Moulin de Perrot”
• 2012 – First stage of abstract painting with Giancarlo Bargoni – France
• 2013 – Stage of abstract painting with Giancarlo Bargoni
• 2014 – Stage of abstract painting with Peter Casagrande

Personal events / exhibitions

• December 2012 – SCIT Art Gallery – Bucharest
• December 2013 – Calea Victoriei 33 Gallery – Bucharest
• May 2014 – Calea Victoriei 33 Gallery – Bucharest
• June 2014 – Calea Victoriei 33 Gallery – Bucharesti
• Decembre 2014 – Calea Victoriei 33 Gallery – Bucharest
• Ianuarie 2015 – Calea Victoriei 33 Gallery – Bucharest
• Iulie 2015 – ABSTRACT Exhibition, Galateca Gallery – Bucharest
• 21 Oct – 14 Nov 2015 – Of Universe and Soul, Steiner Gallery – Vienna
• 02 – 15 Dec 2015 – Arts Harmony Painting Exhibition, Romania’s National Library – Bucharest

Permanent showroom 19 Elena Caragiani – Bucharest
Paintings in personal collections: SUA, Austria, Germany, Swiss, France, Romania


Being an autodidact painter, she discovers in the period 2005-2007 the passion for transposing on canvas of topics from the surround world: landscapes, flowers and scenes of life.

Starting with 2008 she attends every year traineeship at the Painting Academy Moulin de Perrot in Provence, France.

In 2009 she was conquered by the painting technique by knife, having Cristian Jequel as her mentor. She is excited and fascinated by the possibilities of expression by this technique. Those are years when she made the decision that had fundamentally changed her life. She gives up her activity as software engineer, and for next five years, day after day, she draws and paints, using this new technique (the Jequel technique), oil on canvas by knife. As a result of her work, in 2012, she receives diploma of “Officiel painter of Academie Moulin de Perrot”.

The meeting with Giancarlo Bargoni in 2012 changes her perception of the abstract painting, discovers the endless possibilities of expression and becomes fully committed to this kind of painting.

“The last three years were years of extreme solitude where I turned back to myself, in order to find my soul and put it on canvas every time larger and larger. Meanwhile, I exhibited some of my work in various galleries in Bucharest and Vienna”

--Georgeta Constantinescu

From the very beginning, her painting explores her unique relationship with the SPACE, Space in the sense of the UNIVERSE. The author seeks to establish new mobile perspectives that will make this space expand progressively until it becomes a different world. It is a mixture of spontaneity, quick gestures and extreme meticulousness in building the image by successive layers of material. The result is quite impressive. Often work can be seen in all senses. There is neither left nor right, neither up nor down, the layers are overlapping one over the other in order to bring from the background to the foreground a canvas with vibrant colors, full of meaning and life. The features of these paintings are the light
that crosses from place to place the canvas. It is tough, hand-to-hand fight with canvas, using the knife, the paintbrush, the hands, as a unique construction in a chiaroscuro where the light is the main subject.

In front of canvas of the artist, the viewer may be baffled, disturbed or excited by the explosion of colors, signs and meanings, without being able to find the right words to be clearly in harmony with the picture.

The artist herself is caught in a suitable relationship between her affection and her environment. The strength and brilliance of colors, reflects the depth of their inner reality of the artist. The picture becomes a representation of her emotional physical and mental state.